Nintendo Switch: Our 8 Top Speculation Picks For Possible Games On The New Console

Nintendo Switch

We’ve gotten a very good glance at long-awaited upcoming system from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch. During the reveal trailer, they seemingly announced (without officially announcing) multiple games, including a new Super Mario game, a new Mario Kart, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered, and either a port or sequel to Splatoon, which is great and all.

But, now we get a real chance to speculate and try to figure out what games will come to the system. They gave us a list of Switch development partners, then proceeded to say it was only “some” of them. Based on that list, any of our choices in this article could be totally legit. This is our chance to get our hopes in first, before Nintendo dashes them into the gutter.

Let’s talk 4 first party games and 4 third-party games that I’d really love to see come to the Nintendo Switch, and how they could work using this new system!


This first (obvious) choice is one that we, admittedly, have a little cheat on. Game Freak has already stated that Pokemon would be coming to the NX (The name used for the Switch prior to the announcement). But, what kind of Pokemon game? Of course the 3DS is on the way out the door, if the Switch allows for portable gaming on the go, but the power behind this system. Could we finally expect the Pokemon MMO that we’ve always dreamed of? Would we get a real Pokemon Snap sequel? How about a follow up to Pokemon Colosseum or Stadium? Pokken Tournament 2, perhaps? Being on the go like this, could we get a Pokemon GO tie-in that could maybe tie to the Pokemon GO Plus band? I’d just be happy at a really well made standard Pokemon game with some enhanced multiplayer experience. The list could go on when it comes to Pokemon.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing focuses on a single player’s town. With the portability at hand, I could imagine a procedurally-generated town that means no two towns would be the same. Maybe bringing in the multiplayer aspect of the Switch could allow you to visit other players’ towns, a la The Sims. Or, we can maybe hope the Switch’s tablet function has an accelerometer and walking with it could pick up bells (The currency in game). Bringing Animal Crossing to the new system just would make sense, especially with the massive amount of Amiibos currently available.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. has made its way onto every major generation of Nintendo home console since the Nintendo 64. Not giving it a game this generation would be an atrocity to the genre and to the fans. The most recent edition of the game came to both the Wii U and the 3DS and could play near interchangeably, even going as far as to let you use your 3DS as a controller to play on the Wii U version. It would make sense that Nintendo would release a version of the game that could be played head to head, similar to the Battleship-like approach given in the trailer, or could be easy to pick up some Pro Controllers to play on your TV. Maybe it was just me, but the game was actually playable on the Wii U Tablet very well, so giving the option to play it that way is always an option as well.

Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion is just my own personal pick here. It’s itching for another sequel and Luigi deserves a little more limelight. This one doesn’t necessarily need multiplayer, I could totally see Luigi team up with Toad or maybe even a new character in a co-op mode that would be unprecedented in the previous installments. As the last game was on the 3DS, it would make sense that it could be on both console or portable options as well, making it a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s totally coincidence that the Nintendo Switch was revealed the exact same day that the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer came out, right? RIGHT? With the power that the Switch seems to offer, it would make sense that it could handle similar games that would surely be on the current generation systems. RDR2 would be our first choice, utilizing the “Take-Two Interactive” off the list of partners for this speculation. Given that Rockstar Games recently registered domains for the term “Read Dead Online”, giving this title the online approach would fit to the multiplayer setting that the Switch allows. Even if not, the game would work out very well on all of the current generation systems, as the game isn’t due out until Fall 2017 (long after the Switch is out and moving).

Resident Evil 7

Let’s utilize our “Capcom” option on the Switch Partner list. Resident Evil 7 is coming out January 24th, 2017, just a mere 2 months before the Nintendo Switch. A port of Resident Evil would make for a perfect launch title to show off the Switch’s capabilities as both a family friendly machine, and a hardcore gamer’s versatile rig.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The obvious one when I see “Square-Enix” on the list is Final Fantasy 15, or even the remake of Final Fantasy 7. That’s not the one I really would hope for. Nintendo DS and 3DS has been the home to several Kingdom Hearts titles in the past, so there’s history with the franchise on the portable options. Let’s get a full home and portable version of Kingdom Hearts 3 onto the Switch this time!

Indie Games

I get a little bit of a cop out for this one, as it’s obvious that indie games would come to the system. Nintendo has been very subservient to the indie community this past generation and several popular independent development titles found their way into the Nintendo e-Shop on both the Wii U and the 3DS. This is my officially transcribed hope that they stick with that new tradition, as it worked out very well this past time around.

Jesse Collins brings a decade of knowledge and experience in the video game industry. In his work, Jesse keeps up-to-date and modern to the best of his ability in the ever-changing industry. Currently in public relations and marketing for indie development video games, Jesse has also been a journalist for several publications in the past. He doesn’t THINK outside of the box, he LIVES outside of it.

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