Red Dead Redemption 2 – Run and Don’t Look Back

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar is doing just that with a sequel to one of the best games they’ve ever made. After subtlety changing their twitter background, the news is finally out there and visually the game looks great in what was shown. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming in Fall 2017 for the PS4 and Xbox One and it will include vibrant environments and a dynamic online mode, but unfortunately, that’s about all the official information we have on it as of now. In the meantime, Red Dead Redemption is playable on the Xbox One and is now available on PSNow, which adds PS4, PC, and Vita.

Many fans of the series are speculating that this game could be a prequel story, judging by Red Dead Redemption‘s ending. However, no story details have been shared, especially considering the game is still around a year out as long as it doesn’t get delayed. Knowing Rockstar, a delay could very well happen, but of course gamers around the world hope that’s not the case next year.

All the teases are exciting, but most of the gaming world has suspected this sequel for quite some time. Some cats just can’t be kept in the bag though. Not surprising as Red Dead Redemption won countless awards across the board, quickly becoming a fan favorite and a must own game on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The only thing left to do now is wait for more details on the game. Surely E3 next year will be a big year for Rockstar, as Red Dead Redemption 2 will likely┬ábe front and center. It’s awesome when game companies make exciting announcements like this, its just a shame that we have to wait so long.

Until then enjoy Red Dead Redemption on PSNow! Surely someone out there plays on that service. Right?

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