Could Rockstar Games be Teasing a New Red Dead?

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Could Rockstar Games be Teasing a New Red Dead?

Many people have favorite games from last generations. However, few games are as beloved as Red Dead Redemption. Huge map? Check. Multiplayer? Check. A fictional horses of the apocalypse DLC? Super check. However, it came out May 18th, 2010, with a game of the year edition featuring all DLC coming out in October of 2011. So it has been just about five years since we have heard anything new with Rockstar’s gunslinging world. Until possibly today.

This morning Rockstar updated their backsplash on their website. Yes, I admit, this is generally nothing overly newsworthy. They updated it to red. Also, not overly newsworthy since it is just a base color to change a backsplash to. Then they hit social media.

That isn’t something normal to just tweet about. You don’t just tweet about a new red background for your website. That would be absurd and ridiculous. So what does it mean? Could we be getting a sequel to the beloved game? It would be difficult, due to the ending of the first title to make a true sequel. (No spoilers.) So it could be a prequel like originally foreseen. We could also be getting just a new entry. Much like 2004’s Red Dead Revolver to Red Dead Redemption, the next title could simply be set in the same universe without having major connections to one another. I am going to guess it will be the latter. What do you guys think? Sequel, Spiritual successor, or a chance at a kickass Red Dead Revolution, where it is a crossover between Red Dead and DDR, a la Mario DDR? You know what, I’m going to put money on my new idea.

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