RWBY Vol. 4 Premiere Approaches!

RWBY Vol. 4 Premiere Approaches!

Way back in February, February 13th actually, we had the season finale of RWBY Vol. 3. Now, I won’t post spoilers, but we were left with some pretty bleak situations. Let’s just say an event split our titular Team RWBY up, and left Ruby embarking on a journey with some members of team JNPR. Honestly, there really wasn’t a happy moment in the finale. At all. We have waited 10 months to see what our girls have been into, and that date is soon! Like this weekend soon!

RWBY Vol. 4 will pick up 6 to 8 months after Volume 3. Anything other than that is not known. We saw Ruby fighting more Grimm in the wild in the Character Trailer last month, and today a clip was released that teased tomorrow’s premiere. Both will be down below.

The question still stands, what can we expect from the premiere? That is a great question. With our heroes being crushed to the lowest points in their lives so far, the only way now is up, right? With the Beacon arc finished with Vol. 3, this will be the start of a new story arc, so we will be reintroduced to our heroes. While it has been less than a year since we saw them last, the events we saw prior to the end of the finale had to affect them mentally, and physically. In both trailers, we can see our heroes be more focused, and disciplined. (to an extent) As seen in the clip below, Nora and Ren are their usual selves, with a more stern and mission focused demeanor.

RWBY Vol. 4 premieres tomorrow morning for Rooster Teeth First members, Sunday for members, and then publicly next week on YouTube and Crunchy Roll. See you all in the wilds of Haven, folks!


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