Top Ten Games That Need To Be On Nintendo Switch

Top Ten Games That Need To Be On Nintendo Switch

Alright, so many people around the world are infatuated with Nintendo’s secret project that was finally revealed to be the console/portable hybrid it was rumored to be. Yes, the Nintendo Switch, at least judging by the trailer, looks like it could change how high quality gaming is treated. This capability to play a high definition game on the go, and then dock it to the TV at home opens up a lot of possibilities for developers of all types. While there will surely be some surprises on the way, with developers embracing the Nintendo Switch left and right, today we’ll be imagining some of our favorite games that would be awesome to play on the new system.

These games will be in no particular order and is a collection of sorts of a few writers on the Marooners’ Rock team. All opinions are our own, please respect this, but also share with us somewhere on the internet what games would be cool to see on the Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, we’re all pretty excited to get our hands on it. I’m also going to be leaving out the first party Nintendo games that we’ll undoubtedly see on the console anyways, so there will be no Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or any Kirby games here. We will be including a few entries that usually stick to handhelds though, as its high time some Nintendo franchises come to consoles or make a triumphant return. So, with the rules in place, lets check out our top ten Games that need to be on the Nintendo Switch.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-monster-hunter

Monster Hunter – Let’s start with a game that I have missed on consoles for quite some time. Monster Hunter is essentially a multitude of boss fights in which players take down monsters with crazy weapons and armor that are created from the carcasses of past defeated monsters. It’s an endless loop that is a blast with friends. Back on Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, the game was playable on both 3DS and Wii U, which allowed three players to play on handheld, while another played on the TV. This created an awesome living room game that got me back into the series.

Unfortunately that feature has been gone for a while, missing out on MHU4 and MHGenerations. With the Nintendo Switch being ultra portable, it makes for a great system for Monster Hunter. Not only that, but the major downfall with the 3DS games are the uncomfortable controls. Hunting massive monsters isn’t easy, and doing it with a 3DS in any form leads to tired hands. However, the Nintendo Switch’s controllers could put Monster Hunter back into a more traditional control scheme, which would be great. Oddly enough, a new Monster Hunter game is said to be coming to Japan around March 2017, so a Switch release could be right around the corner for Western audiences.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-rocket-league

Rocket League – Another great game to play with friends, Rocket League on paper is one of the most absurd things to happen to video games within the past few years. Players play as little RC cars who are put into a closed-in soccer arena. Not only is soccer playable, but other game types are strewn into the game, with updates happening frequently to keep things fresh. Some of the best couch co-op I’ve played have been matches of Rocket League. The game is incredibly accessible for just about any player with simple controls and goals, but mastering the game feels awesome and creates a hell of an adrenaline rush.

Now, Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch would be awesome. As of now, Rocket League isn’t available on portable consoles, aside from laptops. Making this accessible classic portable and could be an instant party starter. Imagine just unloading a small bag, setting up the Switch with a few clicks and passing out the controllers for a quick game of Rocket League. Now, that’s something I can get behind.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-dark-souls

Dark SoulsDark Souls is a brutally challenging action game that focuses on careful exploration and perfect execution, creating a brilliant experience from start to finish. Dark Souls started as a fairly niche series with Demon’s Souls, but quickly became an industry staple as critics began touting it as one of the best action RPGs of our time. By the time Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 hit the market, the series was at a high point, selling well and still retaining that From Software quality. Bloodborne was especially interesting on the PS4, taking the general mold of Dark Souls to make something truly unique.

On the Nintendo Switch, Dark Souls would be a perfect title to solidify the idea that this Nintendo console is capable of handling the best offered by third party developers. When Dark Souls 3 came out, it completely engrossed me in its world, and I hated leaving it behind. I get quite a bit of downtime at my day job, and if I had the option to take the Dark Souls experience with me, picking up exactly where I left it, I doubt I would play anything else. Also, since the Switch seems to handle multiplayer with close-by units well, it could make Dark Souls PVP or Co-Op that much more engaging. Want to have a legit fight club in the underpass downtown? With Dark Souls on Nintendo Switch, you totally could and it would be awesome.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-kingdom-hearts

Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts is the strange mix of Disney and Final Fantasy that the world didn’t know it needed. The action RPG has been on almost every console with its multitude of spin-offs, remakes, and such. For Nintendo, the series hasn’t left the comfort of the handhelds and bringing the series to a Nintendo home console could help with the relationship between them and Square Enix.

While the world is still desperately clamoring for Kingdom Hearts 3, which is looking more and more like a PlayStation exclusive, a separate Kingdom Hearts project for the Nintendo Switch could be major. Anyone remember that old Mushroom Kingdom Hearts joke back in the day? I do and seeing Sora and pals running through the whimsical worlds of Mario and friends is something that is just strange enough to work, just like the original concept. Now, as far as multiplayer goes, Kingdom Hearts has dabbled in it before. Since playing with others easily seems to be a major boon for the Nintendo Switch, this proposed version of Kingdom Hearts could have multiplayer similar to Birth by Sleep. This choice is more of a patch for bad blood between Square Enix and Nintendo, as Square Enix has always went with whatever console suits their needs for the project. Having a console that can compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, could coax Square Enix into putting their more mainstream properties on the Switch and Kingdom Hearts would be perfect.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-fire-emblem

Fire Emblem – Yes, Fire Emblem has always been on Nintendo consoles, but since it jumped to Western players, only two games were on home consoles, one for Gamecube and another for Wii. The tactical RPG has been doing exceptionally well on 3DS, as Awakening was one of the best in the series. The focus on each character on the battlefield made each of them feel special and pairing them with another unit makes for interesting tactical choices and dialogue lines.

Putting Fire Emblem on the Nintendo Switch just makes sense. Fire Emblem has been boasting beautiful cutscenes on the 3DS, and bringing that style to a full HD console would be a visual spectacle. The fact that the game is a turn based tactical RPG makes it perfect for home and street play, as its simple to pick up where the match has been left off.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-smite

SmiteSmite is a third-person action MOBA that has taken over PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players to be one of the top played games in the genre. Players pick a god from one of various pantheons and battle other players in several different modes. Every attack takes skill and precision, making the whole game feel incredibly weighted as each choice has consequences for the match. Flashy attacks and detailed characters are the name of the game, becoming one of the few multiplayer games I constantly return to.

Thus putting Smite on the Nintendo Switch would be a no-brainer. Hi-Rez already loves putting their game onto consoles, supporting all versions with various E-Sports events and constantly updating the game. The scene of the E-Sports players in the Nintendo Switch trailer, where all the players are planning out strategies for Splatoon, would be so much cooler if the game being played was Smite. Smite would be crazy easy to set up, if the Switch works as well as the trailer shows it to. Imagine being able to just pack up the Switch and within minutes have a full game going, it could change the way teams practice and compete locally.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-pokemon

Pokemon – Alright, so this one is similar to Fire Emblem, but there hasn’t been a full Pokemon game on a console. Even Coliseum and Gale of Darkness on Gamecube were barely more than Pokemon Stadium with leveling, relying more on instance based maps and teleportation. Fans have been wanting a full-scale, console Pokemon game since the originals. The Nintendo Switch is that strange middle ground between handheld and home console that could be enticing enough to pull the Pokemon Company into creating what trainers have always wanted. Imagine a massive world, with all of the regions of past games available, all playable on the Nintendo Switch, utilizing all of the features that made the handheld versions so popular.

Truly, this is a bit of a leap for Pokemon, one that I’m not sure they’ll ever take. It would be a massive undertaking of resources, but at the very least, most of the framework for a game like this has already been made. Now, the Pokemon Company has confirmed that will be making something for the Nintendo Switch, but as for what is a mystery. We can only hope that they’re willing to take the risk of creating the largest Pokemon game ever.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-call-of-duty

Call of Duty – Alright, hear me out. I’ve never claimed to be really into Call of Duty, aside from a few highlights of the series and the occasional Zombies match at my buddy’s house. However, Call of Duty, if anything, has consistently been a crazy, blockbuster first person shooter series with an insanely addictive multiplayer. Now, Call of Duty has had portable versions in the past, but nothing like what the Nintendo Switch could potentially do. Call of Duty players already love competing against each other, often leading to a lot of smack talk and creating a gaming stereotype fueled by Mt. Dew. Why not bring that competition face to face, like many of the multiplayer style games I’ve already mentioned.

That, and having Call of Duty in full functionality would be a massive plus for the Nintendo Switch that could be a worthwhile boost in their sales. Nintendo has never really been the place to play AAA Mature rated titles, but if Call of Duty becomes a staple for the Nintendo Switch, the functionality of the console could be incredibly appealing for all sorts of players. These games are usually at the forefront of graphics too, so a title as big as Call of Duty could also test the Switch’s graphical prowess.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-overwatch

Overwatch – Touting Blizzard’s knack for quality and a full cast of interesting and diverse characters, Overwatch has been dominating the multiplayer space ever since its beta. When the game launched it quickly became a mainstay in PC gaming and even console players could get in on the fun with versions for the PS4 and Xbox One. Players join a team, pick a unique character, and battle it out in crazy first-person action. Since the Nintendo Switch looks to be multiplayer efficient, why not put one of the most played multiplayer games currently on it?

Even if the Nintendo Switch only runs on Wi-Fi, Overwatch could still be an amazing game to have with the supposed local multiplayer feature. Not really much else to add to this one, Overwatch on the go would be awesome. Blizzard, make it happen.

top-ten-games-we-want-for-nintendo switch-gta-v

Grand Theft Auto – Or anything really by Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto, love it or hate it, is one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. Giving players a massive, realistic open world to play in and do all sorts of things has always been at the heart of every game. Whether Rockstar would choose to make a new GTA or port the newest one at the time would all depend on timing, but even for regular players, being able to take that experience on the go would be awesome.

I would love to see Rockstar start off with a port or two of one of their more successful games. Plus, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming in next fall, that would be ample time to create a Nintendo Switch version. Rockstar’s signature open world experience would be another great reason for players outside of Nintendo’s usual circle to try out the console, especially if the functionality of the Switch is highlighted in those versions.

There we have it, ten video games or franchises that could find a new home with the Nintendo Switch. I realize we didn’t get to add in many games I would love to see on the system, like the plethora of indie games that have been getting better and better, but this list is a great place to start for a system that needs more third party support than the Wii U had. There are a ton of possibilities for a console such as this. Let’s just hope that the thing works as the trailer showed and not be a repeat of the Xbox Kinect.

What other games would be great for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know somewhere on the internet or in the comments below.

Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!
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