5 Ways to Continue Gaming as an Adult

5 Ways to Continue Gaming as an Adult

Have you recently found yourself asking how am I ever going to complete all the games that I have? Have you started a new job, have a lot of classes, or had a child recently born? Well, this article looks to help you continue gaming while dealing with the daily obstacles that the average adult faces.

Whether you are a busy college student or someone who works a lot to make ends meet, you might be feeling like there is not enough time in the day to play your backlog of video games. Well maybe with these five tips will help you complete even the most time-consuming titles.

  1. Look Up How Long It Takes to Complete The Game!
    A lot of people think that it can be a difficult task to complete the many titles on their list, but they often think that the game will take much longer than it really will. A website called howlongtobeat.com provides gamers with information on how long it will take to beat a specific title’s main story or how long it will take to do everything within the game.  From there you can write down how long a title will take to complete and determine which game they can complete the quickest. From there you will next need
  2. Break The Game Up Into Sections!
    Most games you will not beat in one sitting.  When playing a game it is best to break it up into sections, especially if you want to feel accomplished. With a busy life it is best to set realistic goals; so don’t over do it. Work within the time window that you know you have available. If you know you only have an hour or two to play, then set up a checklist of things you want to accomplish during that time and do it. In case you do not accomplish what you set out to do be prepared to write it down.
  3.  Take notes!
    You may not always accomplish what you are trying to do in any given session or you may do more than you expected. Taking notes is the best way to remember where you are when you finish your gaming session. By reading over your notes you can remember what you were doing  before calling it quits. For longer games like Skyrim, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Diablo, or even Minecraft, it is best to take detailed notes so you do not end up asking yourself what were you doing the last time you played.
  4. Play The Older Games First!
    Although it may be appealing to go out and buy the newest title, it is not really advisable. If you have a backlog of games, it is better to play older games rather than new ones. By doing this you will save money and give yourself some time to wait for all the reviews to come in. Why buy a game when it’s 60 dollars when you can buy it a few months later for $15 to $25 when it’s on sale for Black Friday? By doing this you will save a lot of money and make your gaming backlog smaller day by day.
  5. Have fun and Use Your Time Wisely!
    Now this last one sounds like a no-brainer, but I can honestly say that there have been days that I have spent more time trying to decide what to play than I did playing the game I finally decided on. You need to make a decision and go with it. If you are not feeling the game you had chosen to play you can always switch and play something else. Most importantly remember to have fun! You bought that video game in order to enjoy it and have a specific type of experience; it is important to achieve that goal.

It can be difficult being a gamer especially during the holidays when families demand that you spend time with them, but by following these five steps you should be able to shrink your gaming backlog down before any potential surprises on Christmas morning. Remember you can still be a successful gamer even if you are now an adult with limited time.

Hardcore gaming enthusiast and a die-hard competitor. Former writer at Gamersbliss. When I am not playing music, sports or video games, I am spending time with loved ones. Hoping to one day travel the world while working in the video game industry.

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