Backlog Burndown #4 – Back to School

Backlog Burndown #4 – Back to School

Hello Backloggers! After a few weeks in hiatus due to self-inflicted computer problems, we’re back! Hopefully you readers are having more success than I am in burning through my backlog, as the afor-mentioned computer troubles, coupled with playoff baseball and election insanity, put a big dent in my free time.

Plus, I kind of fell off the task management wagon. I’m trying out a Trello board to get me back on track, and we’ll see if that helps get the burndown back on track.

CTHCC IMG Mairu & Hoemi

Our heroine (on the left) and her best friend

For this sprint I managed to get through one short game. Cherry Tree High School Comedy Club I! My! Girls! is the followup to CherryTree High School Comedy Club (or CTHCC for short). However, where CTHCC is a multi-path story with failure as an ever-present possibility, CTHCC Unnecessary! Punctuation! takes a linear approach. Starting immediately after the previous game, and canonizing the best ending, this followup uses most of the same art assets as the previous game to continue the story as a new member joins the club.

The new character, Ai, and Kusuko the priestess at the local shrine.

The new character, Ai, and Kusuko the priestess at the local shrine.

Because it’s linear, CTHCC Lots! Of! Exclamation! Points! can be completed in under two hours. You really do need to have completed┬áthe first game to understand what’s going on though. Technically the low system requirements should run on nearly anything, making this a good choice for laptop or MS Surface gaming. It’s a fun little story, and if you wanted more from Mairu and the gang after the end of CTHCC, then this is an enjoyable little VN.

Backlog Rating: Worth Playing (if you played the first one)!

Next time on Backlog Burndown, we’ll tackle something kind of spooky, plus some long term “comfort food” gaming for things that just can’t be finished in a two week sprint.

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