Final Fantasy XV Will Have Sizable Day One Patch

Day One Patch

After ten years of waiting, Final Fantasy XV is just weeks away from its fabled release. Personally, I won’t accept that this is actually happening until I get my copy, go home, put it into my PS4, and see the game booting up. Although, seeing it boot up immediately doesn’t seem to a reality, as Final Fantasy XV will have a sizable day one patch file.

While this is nothing new for games from larger studios, the news is a bit discouraging as the development team have mentioned before that they want anyone with or without a good internet connection to be able to enjoy their game. However, it seems that one’s work is never done, as the team decided to enhance a few things further. The details on what exactly this patch will entail will be featured on November 21st. The tweets read as such. . .

Now, while this is unfortunate for those wanting to play the game as soon as possible, the developers seem to be confident in the features they’ve added. Note that they say “extra features” instead of polishing what was already there. This could mean that some simple new ideas were added into the final game. This could range from something as light as a minigame to some new attacks or spells. There’s no way of knowing what exactly was done. Supposed leaks are claiming the file size will be about 7GB, which if this is true could entail some pretty hefty additional content to a game that’s already massive in scope.

Only way to know for certain is to keep an eye on Final Fantasy XV‘s official outlets. Knowing them, they’ll probably do a live stream of some sort to go over the patch in detail. Either way, I’m counting down the days, hours, and seconds until I can get my hands on what could possibly be the greatest game of all time. Well, for me anyways. I was a teenager when this was announced, but now I think I’m ready for it.

Look out for our full review and more Final Fantasy XV news, right here on Marooners’ Rock.

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