Hand of Fate 2 heads to PS4 in 2017

Hand of Fate 2 heads to PS4 in 2017

Defiant Development recently announced that its upcoming action-RPG, Hand of Fate 2, would be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in 2017, joining the previously announced PC and Xbox One versions.

In addition to the PlayStation 4 news, the developer also debuted the third companion, Captain Estrella Fiore. Estrella is a companion deadly from range, whose interests align with the players. However, should they find themselves on the wrong side of the Empire, Estrella will be forced to make a tough decision.

Also revealed, are two all-new enemy factions that players will find themselves squaring off with, the Greed faction, and the Frost Northerner Giants. While the Greed faction will take advantage of their assassins and alchemists to deal quick damage and avoid being hit, the Frost Northerner Giants really on their brute strength and homemade weapons to deal massive damage.

The PlayStation 4 version of Hand of Fate 2, will be launching simultaneously alongside the PC and Xbox One releases, which are slated for the first quarter of 2017. The game will build upon the original’s tabletop game feel, distinct RPG storytelling, and combo-driven combat, while also adding new features, including powerful new companions. To learn more about Hand of Fate 2, you can visit the official site.

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