Increased Spawn Rate in Pokemon Go This Week

Increased Spawn Rate in Pokemon Go This Week

If you are still someone who plays Pokemon Go, then you are probably wondering why Pokemon have been spawning more often and in large amounts.  The mass spawning bonus will help trainers fill up their Pokedex before the second generation of Pokemon come to Pokemon Go.

During this week, players will see an increase in the spawn rate of Pokemon and receive more items when visiting PokeStops.  If you are looking to evolve any of your Pokemon in order to fill your Pokedex, then this week is the perfect time because, new Pokemon have stolen the nest of wild Pidgeys, Ratatas, and Zubats.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, Niantic has found ways to screw up a game that had thousands of adults feeling nostalgic. The latest Pokemon Go update made is so that players could not grab PokeStops above a certain speed. This hinders trainers that are passengers in cars, trains, taxis, and buses. The game previously gave I am a passenger verification message to try to stop players from playing Pokemon Go while driving. The feature was added in order to prevent drivers from potentially causing accidents.

Hopefully, players can find a way around this new update in order to collect items at the different PokeStops. Maybe trainers can pull over to get the Poke stop or park. Who  else is excited for the second generation of Pokemon to come to Pokemon Go? Last night while playing Pokemon GO, I saw an increased amount of Pokemon and now I know it was all because of an increased Spawn Rate in Pokemon Go to celebrate the changes made to Pokemon Go in the recent update.

Which Generation 2 Pokemon are you most excited for? Also, how will Niantic create a unique way to get Umbreon or Espeon when the second generation is finally released? Go out and make the best of an increased spawn rate in Pokemon Go!

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