J!NX Releases Two New Lines of Apparel for Gamers

J!NX Releases Two New Lines of Apparel for Gamers

Don’t you love it as a gamer when you can walk into a social gathering and you end up overhearing someone talk about how they’re loving a game that you also just started playing. Or even better wearing a t-shirt that pretty much just tells you “Hey I’m a gamer.”  All you want to do now is geek-out with this new person whom you barely even know. Before you know it, you just made a new best friend. I recently just started shopping through J!NX and I gotta say, I can tell someone is just as nerdy as me when I see them wearing their clothes.

J!NX just launched two new lines of apparel for gamers: J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro. J!NX Brand is a collection of clothing inspired by the upbeat and relaxed attitude of gaming. J!NX Pro is an original label catering specifically to professional gamers and esports enthusiasts.

“J!NX was created to celebrate gaming culture and lifestyle. Video games are not just something we do, they are woven into who we are,” said Sean Gailey, J!NX co-founder and CEO. “That passion and expertise uniquely position us to establish the J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro lines as the gold standard for core and competitive gaming apparel at an unprecedented scale.”

“It’s striking how underserviced professional esports players are compared to their counterparts in the NBA or NFL in terms of professional-grade performance wear,” said John Nite, J!NX’s new vice president of creative/product and a former design director at Under Armour. “The J!NX Pro line is a direct response to that, with high-quality styles designed with pro gamers’ unique needs and tastes at heart.”

These two lines of apparel are now available online at http://www.jinx.com.

About J!NX:

J!NX, a leader in gaming products, currently produces apparel, toys and accessories for some of the world’s largest video game licenses. Complete with an in-house J!NX brand, the company has been rapidly expanding in the gaming market since being founded in 1999.

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