Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate Fan Film is Incredible

Majora's Mask

Every now and again I find these wild independent films that are awesome, sometimes creating a better look at the property than other major studios. However, what EmberLab and their associates have done with Majora’s Mask is unreal, breathtaking, and proof that video game films can be worthwhile. All Legend of Zelda fans need to see this, so without further ado, enjoy Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate below.

What makes this short film so powerful is not only its presentation, but the way it creates a powerful story with the characters on screen. Sure, long time fans of the game recognize the characters, but even those unaware of what happened in Majora’s Mask can appreciate the dynamics at work. The Happy Mask Salesman’s narrative is brief, but deliberate. Sound design is immersive, haunting, and joyous at all the right moments. Visually the design is awesome, taking the original concepts and putting a creative lens on them to create a fully 3D cast of characters and their intriguing environments.

Skull Kid’s story has always been a somber one, but this adds new layers to the legend. Truly, this shows just how wonderful Majora’s Mask is as a part of the larger franchise. The game was experimental, much darker in tone, and resonated with its players even to this day. This is especially so considering that the game was brought to the Nintendo 3DS for an excellent remake.

Hopefully, this fan film doesn’t meet the same fate as other Nintendo fan projects. We’ve all seen how Nintendo protects their intellectual properties and even though they have every right to do that, it’s always sad when these amazing works have to be suppressed. Really, this film is a great opportunity for Nintendo, as it may show them a way to bring the magic of the Legend of Zelda to the silver screen in a powerful way.

Truly, Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate is one of the best Zelda fan creations I have ever seen and the people behind it deserve a vast amount of praise.

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