Xbox One and Windows 10 GIGANTIC Beta Code Giveaway

Xbox One and Windows 10 GIGANTIC Beta Code Giveaway

If you’re like me I’ve been playing the game Gigantic for quite sometime even before Perfect World Entertainment picked up the game. Did I have a great time during the alpha and beta? Hell yes I did! I had enough fun playing on both the Windows version as well as the Xbox. Now the time has come for more in-game testing and thanks to the team at Perfect World Entertainment we have been given the chance to give YOU access to the beta as well as being able to play during future testing.

How do you take part you ask? Well it’s quite simple and here are the details you’ll need to follow and when you can start playing. When you do get to the bottom claim the version you need. If your Windows 10 PC can handle the game claim a code for that and if you own an Xbox One claim yourself a code. Also, don’t be shy to share this page with your friends as well. If we do run out we’ll update the page, which I’m guess we will run out in no time at all. Those of you who use ARC when playing Neverwinter and more we can get codes for you as well just sound off below. For those of you visiting to claim a code below, leave a comment and give thanks to the publishers for this awesome chance! We may even come up with more codes to grant as well for Xbox One and Windows 10!

Closed Beta Key Redemption Instructions

This Week’s Closed Beta Period

Starts: Thursday, November 3 @ 9am PT (12pm EDT / 18:00 CST)
Ends: Sunday, November 6 @ 11:59pm PT (3am EDT / 9:00 CST, Monday)

To Access Gigantic on Windows 10:

  1. Launch “Windows Store.”
  2. Select “Account Menu,” next to the “Search” box.
  3. Select “Redeem a Code.”
  4. Enter your code and select “Redeem.”

To Access Gigantic on Xbox One:

  1. Load up your Xbox One console.
  2. From the “Home” screen, scroll right to access the Xbox Store.
  3. Under “Games,” select “Use a Code.”
  4. Select “Enter the 25-character Code”.
  5. Enter your 25-digit code on the screen, then select “Enter.”
  6. Select “Confirm.”

*Please note that all Xbox One keys will grant access to any future closed beta tests for Gigantic. Windows 10 keys will only allow access to this weekend’s closed beta (Nov 3 – Nov 6).

Gigantic is a free-to-play competitive action title with MOBA trappings developed by Motiga. Even though it’s gorgeously rendered, light-hearted and charming, Gigantic is for enthusiast gamers and pits teams of five heroes and their massive Guardians against each other in epic battles across a variety of maps. The game combines explosive combat with fast-paced teamwork, strategy, and skill, as players are required to work together and fight relentlessly to defeat opposing Guardians with spells, guns and swords.

For you Xbox One gamers!

Gigantic Beta Xbox One Codes:

get your key

5934 keys left!


Now for you PC gamers click page 2 because the plugin is having issues if I have two of the HTML codes running close to each other, but you can claim your PC code below when you click the (2).

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  • Kacha

    it would be cool if it could give me the damn code

  • Travis May

    Nothin for me for pc

    • Did you click on page two to claim PC code?

      • Travis May

        Yes, still got nothing

        • Odd, a few others who has this problem got it to work. Try again now?

  • Gusten

    It just download´s the ARC app not the actual game for me? what do I do?

  • Gusten

    I cant play the game, It says “comming soon. Stay tuned for more info”

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