5 Tips to Climbing in Solo/Duo Queue During Season 7

5 Tips to Climbing in Solo/Duo Queue During Season 7

Ladies and gentleman, Rockers of all kind, League of Legends seventh-ranked season is upon us and during the off season, a lot of things have changed. One major change to League of Legends is the return of Solo/ Duo Que.

The seventh season of League of Legends ranked play returned on December 8th and brought with it some notable changes. Solo/ Duo queue returns to League of Legends after the League community felt betrayed by Riot Games. With Solo/ Duo Queue returning many wondered what would happen to the Flex Queue that Riot had introduced the previous year. Instead of getting rid Flex Que, Riot Games altered the parameters of the queue to allow players to still queue with multiple of their friends. Players can queue up with four other players to go play against another 5 man squad. Flex queue stops players from queuing with only 4 players because it would be unfair to the one solo player to be paired up with four other players.

So now that season 7 is underway here is five tips to climbing in Solo/ Duo queue:

  1. Practice the champions you are going to play
    Now, this may sound obvious, but it is important to practice the champions you are going to play in ranked. During the last 2 weeks, players have been trying to find their way through ranked queue and because of this they have been trying to play any champion that has a high win rate or is what their teammates have asked for; this is a horrible idea because you may not know the champion to a sufficient level.
  2. Take a break after losses
    Again this may seem obvious to most gamers but most people do not follow through with the idea. Playing any competitive game can be stressful and when your body is stressed it will not perform to the best of its capabilities.  Try to take a break after 2 to 3 losses or your performance will more than likely tank whether you realize it or not.
  3. Read up on patch notes
    During the off-season, a decent amount of things changed in League of Legends.  Riot updated assassins to make them more viable in the current meta. Armor Penetration was changed to Lethality, which scales with your opponent’s level. New items were also added to the game to benefit supports and assassins. Throughout the season Riot Games will introduce different changes to League of Legends that will affect how different champions are played and the current meta.
  4. Pick the two roles you are best at and practice them
    Some players may be good at supporting, others may like to carry the game themselves, but it is important to know what your two best roles are and stick with them. Before entering a ranked game try to practice in a normal game or two before hand in order to warm up and prepare yourself for the coming battle. Warming up before a ranked match can make the difference when killing creeps (csing), positioning your character in team fights, and even warming up your hands. Warm hands and an active brain will make it easier for you to win the game.
  5. Pick a good duo partner
    If you are not having good luck with the teammates you are getting then it might be time to bring a duo partner along with you. Although it may change the MMR of the lobby, its worth an added difficulty to have someone else you know and can easily communicate with. If you are going to duo with someone else make sure that your roles are complimentary to one anothers. If you are a mid or top, try duoing with a jungler who can apply pressure to your solo lane. If you are an adc or support main, try duoing with the opposite since you will be in lane with one another. Chemistry is key to winning any lane and game. Try communicating through voice communication services like skype, curse, or discord to make it clear with one another what you have planned.

These five tips can help make or break your solo/ duo queue rank and can be the difference of ending the season in bronze or gold. If you are on a losing streak take a break, League of Legends just like any other video game is supposed to be fun. Don’t panic, season 7 just started two weeks ago so you still have a lot of time before the season ends, just make sure you don’t miss those end of season rewards

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