Apollo Justice Comes to Android and iOS Devices

Apollo Justice Mobile

The fourth game in the stellar Ace Attorney series, Apollo Justice, has finally come to Android devices. Capcom has painstakingly remastered the original DS game to better fit the resolution and higher definitions of tablets and phones. For those who have already played the game, this and in-turn the IOS version are the best ways to appreciate the game. Also the new Android version will feature both full English and Japanese language support.

For those unfamiliar with the game, players take the role of Apollo Justice, a rookie defense attorney. To solve cases, players will have to use logic and reason to discern the full nature of each case, which is laid out as a visual novel with some decision making and examination of clues. Facing Justice across the court is Klavier Gavin, a highly talented, flamboyant, rockstar who spends his free time as the lead singer of the popular Gavinners band. Each case features colorful characters, unpredictable twists, and plenty of absurd shouts of Objection! and Wait!

Personally, I had no idea Ace Attorney was available on mobile. To my surprise, many of the classic games are well-represented on both the IOS and Android devices. This is great, because most of the games were originally on DS or 3DS. Having that larger screen with nicer resolution really makes a difference in how the game looks, making them that much more enjoyable. I could definitely see myself playing through a few of these on my phone too, a convenient time-passer in the day to day routine. Capcom certainly have done some great work with bringing these games to a wider audience. My only complaint is the fact that I had no idea they were there!

The Ace Attorney series is well-loved, with the main character even appearing in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, which is now available on PS4. I even reviewed the newest entry in the series Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice a few months back, finding it to be a cleverly designed text adventure with tons of twists and fun absurd characters. Be sure to check out the Ace Attorney series on mobile. They’re just a click away!

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