ARK Park Coming to VR in 2017

ARK Park Coming to VR in 2017

Today, Snail Games unveiled details regarding ARK: Park, their new virtual reality experience. More than 100 creatures from the Jurassic era and the ARK: Survival Evolved franchise will arrive in this breathtaking VR adventure in 2017.

ARK: Park will give players the opportunity to get close and personal with some of their favorite dinosaurs in the primal environments that these dinosaurs call home. Some of these environments include: tropical rainforests, swamps, snowy mountains, plain lands, deserts and more.

Players will begin their ARK: Park adventure at a visitor center, featuring life sized holographic dinosaurs that they can use to learn about the creatures further. From there, players will be able to continue exploring by venturing out on excursions and interacting with various attractions. Each attraction features stunningly rendered and realistic environments of the period inhabited by ARK creatures. Excursions will then have players out adventuring on-foot, riding dinosaurs and riding in vehicles and learning more about the creatures that inhabit the world as they collect Gene Cubes.

Collecting creatures’ Gene Cubes won’t be easy though. Players will have to use puzzle-solving logic, action skills, exploration and careful resource management in order to be able to collect all of the creatures. However, if players aren’t looking to collect Gene Cubes, they will have the option to capture and share their experience in Snap mode. Snap mode awards points as the players take pictures of each of the wondrous creatures. You can even use your ARK: Park selfie stick to garner bonus points!

As players collect Gene Cubes, they will then be able to upload them to the ARK Park Hub and use those Gene Cubes to learn more about each of the life forms, including factoids and vital information. This will give players the ability to learn about how the ARK creatures vary from those found in the real world. The hub will also feature a Petting Zoo, which allows players to get close and personal with their collected dinos.

ARK: Park will be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStationVR. Are you excited for ARK: Park? Let us know why or why not in the comments down below!


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