December 2016 Games with Gold Offer Will Keep You Warm

December 2016 Games with Gold Offer Will Keep You Warm

Lost boys and girls, we are half way through the month of December so you know what that means? Yes, you are right that Christmas is ten days away and sixteen days away from a whole new year, but it also means that a new December 2016 Games with Gold title will be available starting tomorrow.

If you have yet to pick up the first of December 2016 Games with Gold titles then you have one final day to pick up Outland for Xbox 360 / Xbox One.  Tomorrow on December 16th, Xbox Live Gold members can download Burnout Paradise for free. Burnout Paradise is free until December 31st and is available to play on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Burnout Paradise is often considered one of the best racing games of the last decade.

Throughout the month of December, Xbox Live Gold members can download Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Take down the Triads as an undercover cop.  Starting on December 16th, Gold members can download Outlast and play as an unarmed photo-journalist as you try to survive against the mental asylum patients. Outlast will be free until January 31st.

All four of these titles will help keep you warm during this cold winter season and provide you with multiple hours of excitement. If you are looking for some fun games to play in order to earn gamerscore than you are in luck, because these four titles are thrilling with a side of action. These four titles will allow achievement seekers to earn 3,425 gamerscore. All Games with Gold titles are free when you are an Xbox Live Gold member.

Check out December 2016 Games with Gold offer and put a little action into your holidays. Which Games with Gold title are you likely to download? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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