The Belko Experiment Red Band Trailer Drops

The Belko Experiment Red Band Trailer Drops

Well it seems James Gunn is back at it again. The Belko Experiment (written by Gunn) is the new action horror film directed by Greg McLean. A red-band trailer dropped today, and boy does it look like a bloody good time. The film’s premise seems fairly simple: employees from Belko, a non-profit organization, are somehow trapped inside the building and being told by a mysterious voice to kill each other, or else some of them will die, as some sort of psychotic social experiment. As time passes, it seems the stakes gets higher and more people need to be killed or get killed.

I’m not gonna lie, this looks like a fun horror film. Based on the concept, the film looks to have a great mix of claustrophobia and then utter chaos. Similar to films like Dawn of the Dead (also written by Gunn) and The Mist, the film looks to tap into the viciousness of human nature when in dire situations. How far some of us are willing to go to survive. The trailer also gave us an idea of the tone. While it’s a very macabre premise, it’s looking to have some dark humor in it as well.

While the concept isn’t necessarily original, I would recommend keeping an eye on this film due to the cast and crew behind it. Director Greg McLean isn’t a stranger to the horror genre, as he gave us the extremely underrated horror film, Wolf Creek. (That “head on a stick” scene still gives me chills thinking about it). We all know James Gunn due to Guardians of the Galaxy, but some people don’t know that he has a taste for the horror genre as well. After Dawn of the Dead, Gunn wrote the campy but brilliant gorefest known as Slither. With actors such as Michael Rooker and John C. McGinley, I’d say we’re in store for a wild ride with this film.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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