Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming in 2017?

Final Fantasy VII Remake 2017

Rumors are beginning to swell at the possibility of the anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake releasing in 2017. These rumors come from a collective post on VGLeaks, which details a massive celebration of the franchise’s 30th Anniversary that we’ll go into more detail later. Either way, the mere fact that this source was able to detail so many games and collections is astonishing and leaves a huge possibility open. If this is true, one of the most praised video games of all time being recreated in a modern engine could very well set sales records by a landslide.

From what little has been shown of the Final Fantasy VII remake, we can infer that the game is harnessing a similar, if not exact, engine to what was used in Final Fantasy XV. It would make sense on the 2017 release date that to save time and money, Square Enix would re-purpose the engine they have spent so many years developing. What’s also interesting is Cloud’s lack of being able to warp across the battlefield as Noctis does so easily. This means that instead of the fast and frantic action used in FFXV, we could see a more grounded approach with more weight to each swing. Other playable characters could join the fray as well considering how monumental this project is; FFXV will be adding more playable characters in future DLC.

Now, VGLeaks does point out that the Final Fantasy VII remake we could be getting next year will only be the first episode. Remember Square Enix has claimed to do an episodic release instead of the more traditional method in order to get content out faster to players and to expand the story of the game in a way that a single disc could not hold. Personally, I anticipate them possibly bringing back the multiple disc system they used on the PSOne. It always felt like a true epic was about to be started when opening a game with four discs, giving more physical weight to the experience.

Now, it is still unsure whether the physical release of the FFVII┬áremake will be a season pass of sorts, basically having the first episode physically on the disc and giving players a code for their account to unlock when the other episodes become available. More than likely after all episodes are out, Square Enix will release a “Complete Edition” or something similar.

Either way, the possibility of being able to play Cloud’s adventure once again in glorious new graphics before the end of next year is certainly exciting. Out of all the Final Fantasy games, VII is definitely the one that show’s its age the most. I consider both VIII and IX to have a better grasp on their art style, even though VII‘s gameplay is immensely enjoyable. I sure do miss that Materia system.

Also according to this rumor, both Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII remake will be available on PC in 2018.

Are you excited to play the Final Fantasy VII remake as early as next year? What do you think about the episodic releases? Let us know in the comments, or come find us on social media.

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