Hyperkin Creates Retro-Inspired Keyboard

Retro-Inspired Keyboard

Retro gaming fans. Ever sit at the desk, plodding through a term paper on a dull keyboard? How about playing old school games and needing that satisfying click? Well, I can’t say that I ever looked at my own keyboard and needed it to look nice next to my Super Nintendo, but now it’s totally possible with Hyperkin’s Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard. Now you can learn to type with Mario the way it was meant to, on a retro-inspired keyboard!

Now, aside from this new mechanical keyboard having the color scheme of the Super Nintendo, there are also a few solid features included. For starters, this keyboard uses Gaote Blue tactile switches. However, one could customize the board with Cherry MX compatible switches, which would put this device from being a great starting point for a mechanical feel to being closer to luxury setups. This is a full sized keyboard for PC use through a standard USB cable, lacking wireless functionality, although it should work on say a PS4 or even a Wii U. Damn shame it doesn’t work with the Super Nintendo, that would be interesting, yet kinda pointless.

Personally, I like the look of the device, but I’m kind of biased as I am the target audience for a SNES-colored keyboard. I’m already thinking of ways to customize my PC case to match the color scheme. If anything, couple this with a custom Raspberry PI device for the ultimate retro package.

The Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard is available on Hyperkin’s website for $99.99, which is slightly below average when it comes to getting mechanical keyboards. Most Logitech ones are almost $200, but it is yet to be determined if the quality of this keyboard matches its competitors. Until we get our hands on one, we’ll just have to enjoy that extremely pleasing color scheme.

retro-inspired keyboard


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