Last Of Us Part II Revealed

Last Of Us Part II Revealed

Chills. I can’t even handle it right now.

At a very fun and fast paced Playstation Experience, Sony unveiled game after game as if this were E3. We got gameplay footage for games such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Crash Bandicoot, and even Horizon: Zero Dawn. The real treat came at the very end. In the closing moments, Sony Interactive’s President, Shawn Layden, came out to give us one last little surprise. This game was none other than The Last of Us Part II. Running on their current engine, Sony’s star child, Naughty Dog, gave us a 4 minute reveal trailer.

I could tell you what happens, but I’d rather you just watch it first and see this for yourself.

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So after years of speculation, it’s finally real! This 4 minute trailer was the perfect tease, as it gave us a look at not only how beautiful the game will look,┬ábut enough context to let us know what this will even be about. It appears we are still with are favorite brick wielding duo of Joel and Ellie. Ellie seems to be a few years older, and it’s revealed to be a tale of cold blooded revenge.

We do not know when this be released as it’s still in early development, but Naughty Dog, we want you to take your time. You have yet to disappoint us.

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