Let It Die Releases on PS4 Today

Let it die

The PlayStation Experience brought all sorts of excitement to the world of games with big announcements, gameplay footage of things that were shown at E3 earlier this year, and even some playable games and demos that were made available shortly after the show. Let it Die is one of those games, a free-to-play title that takes the combat tropes created by Dark Souls and adds that infamous twist that Suda 51 is known for.

Let It Die (developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by GungHo Online Entertainment) is one of the first free-to-play games of its kind. The game combines elements of Dark Souls with that of a rogue-like game, meaning a player’s character can die for good. Not all is lost though, as players can purchase insurance with the game’s paid currency to help players keep their character and gear. Hack and slash action has been carefully designed to be the most rewarding, not only mechanically, but visually as well. Let It Die is extremely violent as Grasshopper games tend to be, but the outlandish art style creates interesting characters, such as Uncle Death, a skateboarding, trash talking Grim Reaper.

The story takes place in 2026, an apocalyptic wasteland stemmed from a global tectonic disturbance, known as Earth Rage. Tokyo actually splits off into the ocean to become an island, one that’s shrouded in dense fog with a giant spire-like structure piercing its center. The people of this world know the spire to be The Tower of Barbs. Players will challenge the tower, tackling twisted enemies and crazy bosses one floor at a time.

Let it Die

Just a taste at the violence at play in Let It Die.

Multiplayer is also available in Let It Die, with an interesting twist to that found in other Souls-Like games. Using “death data” players’ dead bodies will appear in the world as “Haters”, a brutal AI controlled enemy that will seek out other players and use everything at their disposal to kill the player outright. Players who defeat a Hater can loot them for rare items that will aid them in their journey to ascend the Tower of Barbs. Eventually, players can meet up with Tetsuo, a rather strange robotic NPC, who will allow players to join a team and raid enemy bases to steal resources.

All that’s been shown of Let It Die looks impressive, but now players can finally get their hands on this challenging title via the Playstation Store, exclusively on the PS4.

I’ll be checking out Let it Die soon for a full review later this week, eager to get my hands on this unique-looking title. It’s use of the free-to-play model has definitely piqued my interest to say the least. That and I love these sort of games. Keep an eye out for my full thoughts!

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