Looking For An Easy Way To Learn Acoustic? Rocksmith has your back!

Ubisoft Announces Acoustic Update For Rocksmith

Looking For An Easy Way To Learn Acoustic? Rocksmith has your back!

Today, Ubisoft announced that Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered will feature acoustic instrument support for the first time, allowing acoustic players to join in the fun and learn to play guitar and bass through Rocksmith, a truly fast way to learn guitar.

The update is free and it comes with three new modes including Microphone Mode, Disconnected Mode and Endless Replay Mode in Guitarcade. With Microphone Mode, players can really go acoustic, they will be able to plug in USB microphone to their console or computer as that will detect the notes played on an acoustic instrument. Placing the microphone near their acoustic guitar or bass, players will be able to use Rocksmith without plugging in their instrument. I own Rocksmith and the only way to learn acoustic before was to purchase an electric acoustic guitar which can be very costly.

As for Disconnected Mode players will be able to learn songs without plugging in an input device. Note detection is deactivated and you will be able to read the notes on the screen for a more relaxed practice session. Endless Replay Mode will allow you to restart your session in Guitarcade as opposed to  starting back at the game menu after each round.

This year alone Ubisoft has added over 900 tracks to Rocksmith as well as new features for everyone in the free remastered upgrade.  Now they are adding acoustic support to the mix to show everyone that they are committed to making this game/learning tool as amazing as possible. The new modes added with the acoustic pack aren’t all because players can also edit their song list from the Learn a Song menu, as well as the Nonstop Play menu now.  Ubisoft also updated the calibration sequence and made the introductory lesson re-playable to better help you learn.  The update will be available as a free patch on all platforms that already support Rocksmith.  Rocksmith Remastered is available for purchase today on Xbox, PS4, and PC. For more info visit rocksmith.com.

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