NES Mini Wireless Controller by Nyko

Play Untethered!

NES Mini Wireless Controller

One of this year’s hot-ticket holiday items is the NES Mini. The gray and black mini box brings back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days of 8-bit era, including corded controllers. Well for those who don’t like sitting on the floor or rearranging furniture Nyko is here to help! With the moniker, “Miniboss”, it is the first third-party, rechargeable, NES Mini Wireless Controller. Good for up to 30ft, and at $24.99 you can enjoy classic gaming from the comfort of your favorite seat, wherever it may be. If you crave a more “authentic” experience you can also pick up Nyko’s “Extend Link” for $9.99 and adds 6 ft to the wired controller.

Nyko even made a throwback commercial to punch in that nostalgia to the max! Both products are available today at,,, and Toys R Us later this month.




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