Paul Cuisset’s Subject 13 Coming to Consoles

Subject 13

Last year French software company, Microids, teamed up with Lead Game Developer, Paul Cuisset to bring Subject 13 to Steam. This is also thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Releasing December 20th, console players will now have the opportunity to play Cuisset’s sci-fi adventure filled with mind-bending puzzle environments and a riveting tale of survival and mystery.

Subject 13 puts players in the shoes of physics professor, Franklin Fargo, who struggles to find his way out as he wakes up in an underground plant after him and his car falls into a lake. Fargo has a violent and dark past and this seems to be the basis of his character’s motivations as he struggles to not only survive but uncover the truth as to what this underground facility holds and why he was captured.

Paul Cuisset is incredibly passionate about the world he has created. “I wanted to place players in a shadowy and scientific complex with puzzles and challenges that progressively get more difficult as they get closer to uncovering the mysteries behind the game…”

As a fan of the genre, I am very much looking forward to this game’s release. When it comes to science fiction, the possibilities are endless. Cuisset is also a prolific man in the French gaming community. As the lead writer of the titles such as Future Wars: Time Travelers and Flashback, he is no stranger to the genre. I would recommend keeping an eye on this one, and for $6.99? Why not?!

Subject 13 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on December 20th.


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