Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary Draws to a Close

Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary Draws to a Close

What a wild year we have had as Pokemon fans. Every month we got a Mythical Pokemon re-released, plus collectibles. We got Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow re-released. We got Pokemon Go. We got Pokemon Sun and Moon. This may have been the absolute best year to be a Pokemon fan. Unfortunately, all good things must draw to a close. However, the Pokemon Company is at least ending with an beautiful high note, or should I say MELOdy?


This month’s Mythical is the wondrous Meloetta. She knows only three moves (Quick Attack, Confusion, and Round) so you can have her learn Relic Song. It is a Normal type Special move that has 75 power and 100% accuracy. It has a 10% chance of putting the target to sleep and it will hit all adjacent opponents. What makes it so special with Meloetta is that it allows her to switch from its Aria forme (Normal/Psychic) to its Pirouette Forme. (Normal/Fighting) Unfortunately, her base form is the Aria Forme, so outside of battle, starting battles, and after being withdrawn, it will revert back to it. She will be available from December 1st to December 24th.

To acquire the Melody Pokemon herself, you need XY or ORAS, as with the previous Mythicals. She is acquired through the Mystery Gift option. How do you redeem? Let’s take a look.

  1. Select Mystery Gift from the start up menu
  2. Select Receive Gift
  3. Open the communication channel
  4. Get via Internet
  5. Connect to the Internet
  6. The game will search for a gift. Once Meloetta appears, accept her
  7. Start your game and visit a Pokemon Center
  8. Speak to the assistant next to the counter with an open slot on your team
  9. Get your own Meloetta!


How exciting! That concludes Mythical Pokemon Month! However, the fun doesn’t end there! In case you missed Arceus back in August, I have the good news. Until the end of the month, you can get the same Arceus through Mystery Gift! Similar to the process above, just go to Mystery gift, but instead of get via Internet, get via Code. For our North American followers, the code is ARCEUS20. For Europe, it is ARCEUS2016.


Finally, we have the new Mythical coming on December 5th. Magearna is the first man-made Pokemon, made “500 years ago” with the Soul-Heart. It is the first Mythical released for Sun and Moon and it is being released in a unique way. Starting tomorrow, the QR Code for Magearna will be on the official Pokemon website. The main story has to be completed in order for the QR ability to be used. If you haven’t finished the main story yet, no worries, you have until March 5th, 2017 to get it. More information on the mystical Pokemon will be released once the event official begins on the 5th.

What do you guys think? Is this how you end a year or what? Missing any Pokemon? Let us know down below! Thanks Nintendo for the incredible year!

Doug bashes his fists against the keyboard and eventually a piece of video is made, sometimes it is even funny. Some of his gaming accomplishments are: completing a living Pokedex on the Pokebank, 1000 pointing BCFX: Black College Football: The X-perience: the Doug Williams Edition, and only crying five times during the Kingdom Hearts series.

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