Super Mario Bros Movie Coming to Blu-Ray?

Includes "This Ain't No Video Game" Documentary

Super Mario Bros Movie Coming to Blu-Ray?

There are some parts of video gaming’s history I’d like to ignore, but often these cringe-worthy areas hold a lot of value as lessons. Yes, the Super Mario Bros movie is arguably one of the worst Hollywood productions of all time, especially in the world of video games. At the height of Mario Mania, Bob Hoskins and┬áJohn Leguizamo put on the overalls to star in an oddly dystopian science fiction film that showed the Mushroom Kingdom as a gritty underworld of a city. It’s the kind of concept that anyone would argue against, even children, and yet it was made after years of production hell, missing almost every box office goal and instantly becoming a laughing stock among critics. Yet, here we are with the news that the Super Mario Bros movie is coming to Blu-Ray in a special release.

Being released by Zavvi, a UK retailer, this steelbook version contains an hour long documentary titled, “This Ain’t No Video Game”, plus behind-the-scenes features, an electronic press kit, and subtitles. Of course, the film is on the disc as well, but being as this is a UK disc, region lock is something to consider for those looking to import the film. Aside from that, the Blu-Ray is nestled in a strangling intriguing steelbook case that looks like it jump right out of some of our favorite collector’s editions of games, but it still bares that scar of being the Super Mario Bros movie.

Super Mario Bros Movie

Out of all the features, the documentary is probably the most enticing aspect of this release. If anything, the Super Mario Bros movie has an interesting, often dark history to its production as the movie changed directors, writers, and staff throughout the process. This film is a prime of example of why we should continue learning from the mistakes of our past. Re-releasing the film is just another way to continue that education.

Let this be a lesson to Nintendo, don’t take films lightly.

For those interested, check out the listing here.

For some more interesting history on the Super Mario Bros movie, check out Norman Caruso’s video as the Gaming Historian below.

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  • Jesie Schreiber

    Judge me all you want, I love this movie. It is so awful it went full circle for me. It could just be nostalgia talking. This movie came out when I was 12 and even though it was way off from the game I loved so much, I still found it enjoyable. As I got older I realized just how terrible the movie actually is but that doesn’t stop me from watching!

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