WWE 2K17’s New Moves Pack Releases Today

New Moves Pack

2K Games has released some new downloadable content for WWE 2K17. The New Moves Pack includes moves such as Dean Ambrose’s Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster (yeah its actually called that) and Samoa Joe’s devastating Face Wash Combo. The New Moves Pack is now available to download for $3.99 or part of the season pass. 

The DLC will give players over 50 new moves to add to their arsenal. While that may be the case, all I care about is unleashing Zach Ryder’s aptly named Elbro Drop. Zach Ryder is cool as hell and I don’t want anyone to tell me otherwise! Sorry, getting carried away here. Check out the trailer to see what move you can’t wait to use next!

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