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1-2 Switch, Arms Announced for Switch

Switch Two new Games Arms

New games have been announced for the Nintendo Switch and its HD Rumble capabilities! These two games were created with the new capabilities in mind.

Up first is 1-2 Switch, which is a multiplayer Wario-ware esque title. It will put two players against one another in a local multiplayer setting. Instead of focusing on the screen, you are encouraged to “look into your opponent’s eyes.” 1-2 Switch will be a launch title, coming to players on March 3rd.

Depth, challenge, replayability. This next game has it all. A colorful fighting simulator will also be coming to the Switch. With the accelerometers, you will be the one throwing the punches, in Arms. Using extendable arms, players will take down their opponents to reign supreme. Players move by tilting the controllers in one direction or the other. Arms will be releasing later this Spring.


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