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Every once in a while, I find myself staring at all of my games, unable to decide what I want to play.  Then I look over at my NES sitting on the dresser and suddenly I get the urge to play a classic. Being a gamer for just about thirty years, I sometimes need to go back to my roots and re-live the simplicity of 8-bit pixelated games. Yes, they were pretty simple in visual design, but they were for frustratingly challenging (yes that’s a good thing), totally immersive, and contained some of the most amazing music in the history of video games. All of this was often inspired by the technical limitations of the NES. If you’re like me and are looking to re-live those old gaming feels, but lack your vintage NES do not fret, Elden Pixels has something for you with Alwa’s Awakening!

Alwa's Awakening Screenshot 1After a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Alwa’s Awakening is a love letter to 8-bit classics and will be launching on February 2nd.  Alwa’s Awakening has everything you need to scratch that pixelated itch, beautiful 8-bit styling, easy to learn, yet hard to master controls, and over 25 8-bit tracks that will bring you back to your childhood.  In Alwa’s Adventure, players will wield your magic staff to travel the world solving puzzles and fighting enemies in order to help free the land of Alwa.  If this sounds like something for you, Alwa’s Awakening will be available for purchase on Steam for Windows, OSX, and Linux on February 2nd for only $9.99.

Alwa's Awakening Screen 2

For more information on Alwa’s Awakening, check out their official website. Could this be another smash hit in the making like Shovel Knight? We certainly hope so as these sort of games really bring up swells of nostalgia and often creative game design, inspired by limitation. Or at least perceived limitations.

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