Avengers Project Announced from Square Enix and Marvel

A Surprise Announcement After Hints

Avengers Project

Yesterday on Twitter, both Square Enix and Marvel hinted at some big announcement they were going to make today, telling us to keep watch for some potential big news. Speculation filled us all! The most obvious prediction a lot of us had was that we were finally getting official confirmation that Marvel characters would play a role in Kingdom Hearts 3. Unfortunately, we still gotta wait for that. Lucky for us, we still got an even bigger announcement, in the form of a new game, aptly titled for now as The Avengers Project. With a name like that, it’s clear that we probably won’t see this game for at least a couple years, so make sure you go get your tickets for the hype train!

Just for clarification, Square Enix is merely the publisher of this superhero title. Crystal Dynamics (Rise of the Tomb Raider) and Eidos Montreal (Deux Ex: Mankind Divided) will be the developing team behind this new title. Details are extremely scarce, which is expected from an announcement like this. A trailer was released which was pretty vague, and just gave us a glimpse of the potential tone and stakes of the game.

The trailer continuously cuts between hints of defeat of each of the Avengers, such as Thor’s hammer being on the ground and Captain America’s shield cracked. With talented developers behind this project, I’d say we have a potential gem on the way. It’s time Marvel sunk their teeth into a great video game. DC’s films may not be winning over all the critics, but at least they have the Batman Arkham series as their great licensed video game.

Now lets let Marvel take over the gaming industry! We still have the new Spider Man PS4 (working title) later this year from Insomniac as well. Here’s hoping for many more! Check out the Avengers Project announcement trailer below.


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