Crytek’s Free to Play Game Warface Gets a New Publisher

Crytek’s Free to Play Game Warface Gets a New Publisher

Crytek has partnered up with Russian publisher,, to collaborate on Warface. Crytek’s free to play shooter has seen its fair share of updates and improvements since it’s initial release back in 2014. has published several familiar titles such as Armored Warfare and Skyforge. With them taking over publishing and operations, this will give Crytek more time in the developmental process, giving the title more support and updates as the new partnership begins next month. Crytek is known mostly for their excellent Crysis series.

Currently, Warface has received fairly positive reception from Steam players, holding a 7/10 rating. The fast paced shooter offers cooperative as well as competitive game modes for players alike. Running on the gorgeous CryEngine, there’s no reason to not want to try out this game as it’s free of charge. The player base has reached to over 40 million registered players, and is only looking to expand that number by planning cross regional events across Europe and North America.

The new partnership will become a smooth transition for existing players as all their data such as their characters and items will stay with them. Detailed instructions on the partnership and new features will be communicated to all players very soon. So be on the lookout for these new updates!

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