Dual Gundams Set to Launch in April 2017

Dual Gundams Set to Launch in April 2017

Earlier this week, anime distributor Right Stuf Inc., and producer Sunrise Inc., unveiled their anime release slate for the month of April 2017, which will include two classic Mobile Suit Gundam series.

The first of the two releases due out in April, will be the Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy on Blu-ray ($59.99), on the 4th. Written and directed by original series creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, the movie trilogy is a re-edit of the original Gundam story, which follows Amuro Ray, a young man who is caught in a war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, when he unwillingly becomes the pilot of a prototype mobile suit, called a Gundam. As the enemy constantly tries to destroy the powerful new mobile suit, Amuro and the crew of White Base, do all that they can to survive their journey through space, to return home to Earth. The Blu-ray release will include all three movies, featuring remastered video, and presented in Japanese, with English subtitles.

The second release, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083, is also slated for Apr. 4, 2017, and will be released on both DVD ($49.99) and Blu-ray ($64.99). The series takes place in Universal Century 0083, as the last of the Zeon forces plan one final stand against the Earth Federation, thanks to Zeon pilot Anavel Gato stealing a prototype Gundam from the Federation, who send the ship Albion and a rookie pilot named Kou Uraki, to recover the Gundam GP02A, and their pride. The collection will include episodes 1-13 of Stardust Memory, as well as the Afterglow of Zeon compilation film, with remastered video. The series is presented with both English and Japanese audio options, as well as English subtitles, while the film will include Japanese audio only, and English subtitles.

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