FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series Schedule Revealed

FIFA Ultimate Team Championship

Are you a fan of major league soccer or the FIFA video game series?  Yesterday afternoon, Electronic Arts announced the schedule for their EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series. How would you like to compete against some of the best players in one grand tournament to see who the best FIFA players are in the world?

Players can qualify for the Ultimate Team Championship Series through Weekend Qualifying Tournaments in the popular FUT Champions mode in FIFA 17 and Regional Premier Qualifier tournaments around the world. The season 1 regional qualifiers start on February 4, 2017 in Paris France; then will take place in Sydney Australia on February 11th. The final match up of the season one regional finals will take place in Miami on February 19th. Those who qualify through the three regional qualifiers will compete in Berlin later this year against the qualifiers from the season two regional qualifiers

Season two of the regional qualifiers starts on April 8th in Vancouver Canada. The second round takes place in Singapore on April 22nd. The season two regional qualifiers wraps up on May 6th in Madrid Spain. The winners of the season two regional qualifiers will take on the winners of the season one regional qualifier champions in the Ultimate Team Championship Finals. The Ultimate Championship Finals will take place in Berlin on May 20th where the top 16 players from Season One and the top 16 players from Season Two  best players will compete for their share of the $400,000 (USD) prize purse. Players can earn an invitation to the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final in London this August for the $1.3 million (USD) combined tournament prize pool.

Each Regional Final will showcase 16 players on each console (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), playing a combination of round-robin and bracket-style elimination matches to determine the divisional winners. The divisional champs will then faceoff in a two-leg finale across both platforms to determine the inter-divisional winner.

EA on the announcement of the world tournament, “Since the launch of FIFA 17, more than six million players have competed in FUT Champions and more than 2,000 players have competed in the qualifying tournaments,” said FIFA Competitive Gaming Commissioner, Brent Koning. “Now the top players from around the world are ready to show that they are the best in the game.”

All six regional qualifiers and the final event will be broadcast on website. Those watching the tournaments via livestream will be treated to expert commentary and analysis from Joe Miller and Leigh Smith (Deman). Miller is a longtime veteran in the booth, having worked numerous tournaments and multiple franchises over the course of his career. Smith is a renowned Twitch streamer and shoutcaster with a rich EA SPORTS FIFA history.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series looks like it will be an exciting event in sports history. Which set of players from the six continents participating in the tournament will be crowned the FIFA Ultimate Team Champion?

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