Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Release Date

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Release Date

Final Fantasy XII is one of my favorite Final Fantasy entries ever, and one of my favorite games on the PS2 as well! Being the same world as the Final Fantasy Tactics games I was excited to explore the world more fully when it came out. I was also excited when they announced an HD remake, dubbed “Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age”, for the PS4. I’m particularly excited as this game was on my Top Anticipated PS4 games article I wrote a few weeks ago!

The return to Ivalice is set for July 11th, 2017! 

The HD remake features enhanced graphics, and a job system previously only available to Japanese audiences. The soundtrack is remastered, auto-save feature, “Trial Mode”, and better load times are also things to look forward to. Final Fantasy XII originally came out in 2006, and broke FF tradition with a more action based combat system that players would pause to give specific commands. The characters not directly under the player’s control would perform automatic actions according to specific “Gambits” you gave them. Random encounters were also exchanged for enemies you could see in the field while exploring. The story features a small kingdom going to war, conspiracy, betrayal, and sky pirates. A lot of things in this world will be familiar to fans of Final Fantasy Tactics, as they take place in the same world of Ivalice. If any of this intrigues you I highly recommend this game!

The release date announcement also features this new piece of art from  famed character designer and artist Akihiko Yoshida


I am really excited for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, and returning to one of my favorite games. I’m also excited to recommend this game to new people. Are you planning on picking up this game? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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