Funko Shows Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Line

New Pop!, Dorbz, and More!

Funko Guardians Vol 2

Here at Marooners’ Rock, we’re fans of comic book movies. Arguably one of the best examples of such was Guardians of the Galaxy, an amazing surprise for the obscure team of misfits-turned-heroes. It’s no surprise that we’re pumped for the sequel and it appears Funko is excited as well. A whole slew of new Pop! and Dorbz figures are on the way.

So let’s break this down into sections, starting with the Pop! Movies figures. Make note of the several exclusives that will be spread to multiple retailers. Plus, the Masked variant of Star Lord will be rarer than most. Funko claims it to have a 1 in 6 rarity.

  • Star Lord
  • Star Lord (Mask)
  • Gamora
  • Drax
  • Rocket
  • Groot
  • Nebula
  • Mantis
  • Taserface
  • Groot with Patch Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Star Lord (Action Pose) Toys R Us Exclusive
  • Rocket with Dual Guns Gamestop Exclusive
  • Groot in Jumpsuit Walmart Exclusive
  • 10 Inch Groot Target Exclusive

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Also coming in February are the Hero Plushies, which are cute plush versions of Rocket, Groot, and Star Lord. Collectors of the Dorbz line can also look forward to finding Mantis, Rocket, Taserface, Groot with Patch (Hot Topic Exclusive), and Groot with a Machine (Walmart Exclusive). Pint Size Heroes will also have a special Guardians Vol. 2 line, as well as three new Pop! Keychains. Mantis and Gamora will also have Rock Candy versions releasing around the same time.

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All in all, February is going to be a fun month for Pop! collecting. These Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures look great and also give us a little taste of what’s to come in the film. For instance, this is the first I’ve seen of Taserface, as well as Mantis. Could their characters prove to make the movie, much like Rocket and Groot did the first time around. We’ll have to patiently wait for Spring!

Check out more info on all the Funko action on their website.

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