Game Dev Responds To French Soda Ban

Soda Drinker Pro Ban

On January 26th, French lawmakers signed a bill outlawing the sale of unlimited sodas in restaurants and the developers Snowrunner Games did not take kindly to this. The Cambridge, Massachusetts based company of Soda Drinker Pro is offering French citizens a free steam key of the game if they send a video to the Soda Drinker Pro Facebook page saying the words “I want infinite soda” in French.

We believe that everyone should be able to live in a world where it’s not illegal to have infinite Sodas, we made Soda Drinker Pro so anyone who wants to drink a Soda can digitally drink it at anytime and in virtually any environment. – Soda Drinker Pro Dev Team

If you have never heard of Soda Drinker Pro before, it is described on Steam as “The world’s most advanced soda drinking simulator”, allowing you to drink it at the beach, in the park, and even in space.

This deal is limited to one key per person and ends on February 1, 2017, so you still have time if you want to drink soda like a pro. The game can also be purchased on Steam for $4.99 if you miss this promotion or don’t reside in France.

As members of the world community, it is important for game developers like Snowrunner Games to voice their opinions when necessary, especially through their art. When a law such as this goes completely against what they believe as soft drink consumers, they must speak out. Since they do not actually reside in France however, a formal protest would likely do nothing. They instead decided to give the French people the joy of drinking unlimited virtual soda now that it has been outlawed in reality. We would love to hear your opinions on the matter and whether you think game developers should get involved in political matters. Comment below with your thoughts!

Taylor is an aspiring game developer and hopes to work for one of the top developers of the day: Naughty Dog. He is also the King of Backlog and any attempt at his throne will be met with failure. He enjoys games of all kinds with the exception of fighting games. He’ll play them, but he won’t like it.

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