Games with Gold for February Announced

Games with Gold for February Announced

Rockers, we are less than a week away from February and while you may be busy planning that special moment for your significant other for Valentines Day, Major Nelson and the Microsoft team have announced their sweet gift for the Xbox Live Community for the Games with Gold for February 2017.

Last month was a killer. Many new years resolutions fell short and new years romances grew dim. If your New Years plans didn’t work out, then the Games with Gold offer could still help you relax and ring in the New Year with a new assortment of games. Xbox Live gamers still have the rest of January to download Deathtrap: Wolrd of Van Helsing and Rayman Origins. Xbox Gamers have until February 16th to download Killer Instinct Season 2.

The February 2017 Games with Gold offer leaves the community begging for more. February 2017’s Xbox One games are Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Project Cars Digital Edition.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, which usually costs $14.99, will be free for throughout all of February while Project Cars Digital Edition, which normally costs $29.99, will be free starting on February 16th and will be free until March 15th. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime looks like a fun indie game that will be fun to play with a group of friends. Hopefully, this game will prove that you do not need good graphics to have a memorable fun game.

Project Cars Digital Edition looks to compete against the Forza franchise with realistic driving simulation and fast cars. Project Cars Digital Edition looks beautiful but does not seem like it would be worth the download if you have other racing games.

Monkey Island 2: SE,  usually $9.99, will become free starting on February 1st and continue to be until February 15th. Help the hero survive the ghost of his nemesis in Monkey Island: SE.

Starting on February 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, usually $19.99, for free until March 1st. Star Wars the Force Unleashed is the story of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice who is sent on a mission to eliminate rebel forces. As he seeks to eliminate the rebels, the story shifts to a story of self-discovery.  Star Wars The Force Unleashed brings adventure to your tv screen while showing how strong one can be with the force. Star Wars The Unleashed is probably the best Games with Gold title for February 2017.

All Games with Gold offers are only eligible to Xbox Live Gold members. All games downloaded through the games with gold program stays in the Xbox members library for life. The Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles are available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.  All the Games with Gold titles can be purchased at a later date.

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