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GameStop Giving Up To $75 Extra When Trading in Consoles for Nintendo Switch

GameStop Shares Trade Incentive

Gamestop Nintendo Switch Incentive

With the big news happening soon, a big leak has come in the form of an ad for GameStop. The ad gives details on customers getting extra trade credit when trading in a system when pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch. Those who have the Pro Membership (which costs $15 per year) will be able to earn that much more. This means that trading in a 500GB standard Xbox One (which is normally $100 in trade credit or $80 cash) will now trade for $175 when getting the pre-order.

This is a fantastic way to trade in a console, which for most players will sadly be the Wii U. An ad like this makes me believe that the new console will be on the cheaper side of the price spectrum. GameStop will use this pre-order to secure plenty of pre-owned systems for the slower part of the year, which also means that the amount of pre-orders allotted for each store could be higher than what was expected.

We also now know that in order to secure a pre-order, customers will have to put down at least $50, of course the number of units available will vary from store to store. Once again this points to a lower price point in my book. We shall see when Nintendo spills the beans in just a few hours.

Stay tuned to Marooners’ Rock for all things Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, we are very excited at the possibilities the console offers for those into bigger titles as well as those into portability. Personally, I hope to be able to have an HD version of Monster Hunter, as well be able to play games like Dark Souls 3 on the go. I’ll never have to leave my favorite games at home and that sounds perfect for my hectic life style. Here’s hoping Nintendo cleans up their nonsense in the Virtual Console as well.

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