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Gray or Neon Nintendo Switch?

Two Console Bundles Available for Pre-Order

Neon Nintendo Switch System

Sitting back and watching the plethora of details roll in about arguably one of the biggest video game launches in the past few years is exciting from the angle of a journalist. More so as I count down the hours to order one for myself, with even more hype as I think about taking the Nintendo Switch with me to PAX East in March. So now the question lies, do I pick the Gray or Neon Nintendo Switch?

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Both consoles look fantastic, but there’s something about the colorful Joy-Cons coming with the Neon version. It’ll be handy to use them to keep track of Player 1 and Player 2, even though each JoyCon is super similar in layout. Though, I do like the uniform gray look that I’ve grown to love since the Switch was announced.

Coming in the box is of course the Switch tablet, plus the Switch Dock that shows puts the console into TV Mode. Players buying either system will also get two Joy-Con Wrist Straps, which give the controller more prominent L and R buttons as well as attach the unit to the wrist like the Wiimote. For a more traditional controller, both bundles include the Joy-Con Grip. Of course, we’ll also be getting an HDMI cable and a Switch AC Adapter.

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Other accessories provided by Nintendo include the Joy-Con Wheel (Set of 2), the Switch Dock Set (for those who want to set up multiple tvs with a dock), the Joy-Con Charging Grip, and the Pro Controller. Nintendo’s listing for these products also show a higher price for the new controllers with a single Joy-Con being $59.99 and both a left and right Joy-Con being $79.99. This is a bit strange considering how small the controllers seem to be, but this price could be put into place to offset the HD rumble feature and motion capabilities. Just don’t break or lose them!

With all these neat accessories from Nintendo themselves and third party companies like Hori, shopping for the Switch will inevitably result in personalizing the unit. I look forward to grabbing at the least a Pro Controller and a copy of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As for the Neon or Grey, I might just have to stick with the Grey. It will match my NES after all.

To see the full listing of the Nintendo Switch, check out Nintendo’s Website.

Also stay tuned into Marooners’ Rock, where we’ll be gobbling up all the cool Nintendo Switch news.

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