Nefarious Lets Players be the Bad Guy

And the Final Boss!

Nefarious Lets Players be the Bad Guy

A while back I caught an interesting project on Kickstarter, one that had players adopting the mantle of a snarky villain in a retro-inspired world. Nefarious is that project, a game that uses classics like Mega Man for inspiration, but turns things on its head with the fact that players will become the final boss of the level. Players will become Crow, steal the princess, and then stop the heroes in bosses that recreate the classic bosses from video game history. The game also riffs off of games of the past for a ton of humor, homages, and rips of past boss fights to create interesting gameplay changes.

Each stage starts with a more traditional platforming segment with the goal to steal the princess of each level. Carrying a princess has different mechanical effects on the player though, much like Mega Man’s power-ups. At the end of the stage is where things get really interesting. Players actually become the final boss, by controlling a giant mech, flying a ship with a ball and chain much to Eggman’s aggravation, and much more.

Nefarious Boss Fight Final Fantasy

Nefarious even pays homage to the classic Final Fantasy games in this boss fight.

There’s a ton that I’m eager to see with Nefarious, there’s a huge chance for solid gameplay and self-aware humor. Being someone who’d rather play SNES than PS4 on most days, that’s exciting. I also dig the art style with its sharp outlines and dynamic looking characters. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping an eye on the game as it launches and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Nefarious Screen Shot Dialogue

Nefarious launches on Steam soon on January 23rd.

For those heading to PAX South, Nefarious will be there! Look for the StarBlade booth and don’t forget to tell them you saw them on Marooners’ Rock.

Nefarious PAX South 2017 Map

For those going to PAX South, check out this booth.

Our writer Shane Osbourne will be at PAX South, checking out all the cool games.  He’ll also be streaming Nefarious (maybe even with some of the developers hanging out in chat) on January 23rd. To see the game as it arrives, be sure to follow his Twitch channel, Shoagie.

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