New Xbox Update Features Released to Select Xbox Insiders Today

Focus on performance, people, competition and streaming

New Xbox Update Features Released to Select Xbox Insiders Today

Looks like this first wave of updates for Xbox Insider Program Members is all about getting the core Xbox experience to users faster and better. Starting with a small group, and then rolling out to the rest later on, these updates will focus on performance, people, competition and streaming. With any update it can seem a bit frustrating getting used to any changes from what you were familiar with. Hopefully this clears up any confusion with the details and pictures below!

Home: The most noticeable update is of course a new home screen. After receiving feedback from users the new look is aimed to simplify the layout to lessen the number of actions users may take to accomplish certain tasks. This means players getting to their content faster, and spending less time sorting through menus and layouts. Featuring a smaller game icon and a few options for digging deeper into the Game Hub, Club or LFG, Achievements, and more. The new home also features “hero art” of your current game when not using a custom background.

Guide: The Xbox button pulls up the newly enhanced Guide on the left hand side of your screen. With a new start screen, designed to prioritize the content you care about most, games and apps, Home, Store, recently played games and apps, top Pins, and quick access to your media controls.

Multitasking: Multitasking will now be easier. Working with the new Guide, screen shots and GameDVR is one button. Bringing up the Guide and pressing “X” or “Y” will perform the desired action. Also keeping track of your achievements and play simultaneously. Broadcasting is also now worked into the new Guide, allowing you to Beam quickly and without hassle.

Cortana: Cortana will now be able to easily set alarms and reminders. There is more to come soon, always striving to make the service smarter and better.

Updates: System Updates will be clearer when available, and the process will be easier to go through within the new Home interface. Users will be able to separate consoles, games, and apps independent of the power mode chosen.

Accessibility: Accessibility in gaming is becoming more and more important. Introducing our CoPilot feature which will allow two controllers to act as one. This will make it easier to give assistance to players seeking it without literal hand holding or needing to pass off a controller. It will also open up even more unique configurations in need of them. If it means only needing that access to that one extra button you now have it. Included in this update is Magnifier and Narrator, giving more options for audio output and custom rumble settings. Look under Settings in the Ease of Access section to explore these options.

Audio: To help make Xbox a more immersive experience, this update will add developer options for Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, Dolby Atmos for Headphones, and Windows HRTF support to streaming media or game. Players will soon be able to optimize the system for their preferred audio system.

Blu-Ray: The Blu-ray disc player will now support bitstream passthrough, it will allow the receiver to decode audio natively. All formats are supported, even your newer audio set ups will be compatible.

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There they are, all the features included in the first Xbox Insider Program update! This focus on the user experience will help add to the overall use of your Xbox, which means more games and less fighting with interface, which is always good news. Any features you are particularly excited about? Any that you aren’t? Leave a comment below!

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