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While there are plenty of consumers that are skeptic about the Nintendo Switch, I’m one of the people who stood in the freezing cold outside of a mall waiting for the doors to open well before the sun rose. It was a magical time, I bonded with a couple other guys, peed on a bush, it was magical. Yet, one area that does have me bummed out is the prices and lack of variety in the official Nintendo Switch accessories. When buying a new piece of tech, I always try to grab a few essential items, things that’ll just make having that tech more convenient or to protect it more. Lucky for all of us Nintendo fans, PowerA is adding some awesome pieces to check out for launch day.

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First off, PowerA is providing a comfort grip that is ergonomically designed and made out of that soft rubber that’s super smooth to the touch. Designed for longer gaming sessions, this grip is for the Joy-Con controllers, sliding in the mold and lighting up to indicate its connected. The unit also stands on its own and comes in black or red. Personally, I love the contrast of the gray Joy-Con controllers in the red comfort grip, while the black one looks like a natural fit. Both of these comfort grips will be sold at $14.99 USD.

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Second from PowerA is the Joy-Con Charging Dock, a dock that charges two pairs of Joy-Con controllers through a USB connection. One thing I’ve regretted getting for my modern consoles is a charge station, as I’m constantly running out of juice at the wrong time. Nothing is worse than being in a multiplayer match and having the controller die, so this unit will obviously help combat that. While this Charging Dock is nothing too fancy in terms of design, its humble $29.99 USD price tag will definitely keep it relevant during the Switch’s launch and beyond.

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Next, we have the Hybrid Cover for the Switch. Being as this new console is essentially a tablet for gaming, this product probably makes the most sense. This reminds me of the type cover seen used with iPads, with this cover offering a few different ways to prop up the Switch, while also protecting the screen when not in use. The cover uses both Velcro and a magnetic strip to keep the unit in place and make opening and shutting the cover snappy. This product also includes a screen protector and cleaning cloth. Since I use a Windows Surface daily to work on things here at Marooners’ Rock, a cover that has similar functions to what I’m already using will feel right at home in my bag. The Hybrid Cover will be sold at $24.99 USD.

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Lastly, we have the Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch. This is a sharp looking bag that has specially designed pockets for the console and its accessories. Included is a removable internal case that can house the Switch in handheld mode, similar to the sleeves we’ve seen packaged with the collector’s edition of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I definitely like the overall design of this bag, which could probably hold a few of my day-to-day tech gadgets and such as well. While I love my current messenger bag, having one covered in my excitement for the Switch would be pretty awesome. Just don’t leave it unattended in a subway, as most will know what goodies lie inside. The Everywhere Messenger Bag will be sold at $39.99 USD.

With four new things to consider picking up on launch day, we’re starting to see a pretty varied line up of products, all aimed at the new console. Even if the launch window of games looks sparse, there will be plenty of little things to occupy us with until then. Personally, I have to pick up that Hybrid Cover. I was hoping someone would make one for the Switch.

What sort of Switch related accessories will you all be picking up on launch day? Or are you holding out on accessories to get more games? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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