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Nintendo Switch Line of Hori Accessories Leaked

New Products for the Switch are on the Hori-zon

Hori new Nintendo Switch Accessories

Tomorrow at 11:00 PM EST, the Nintendo Switch Conference will go live, and with it a lot of questions will hopefully be answered. How much will it be? What are the specifications on it? What games will launch? Today, the folks at Tweaktown have given us a little sneak peak. By little I mean a lot of pictures of accessories.

Included in this leak, there are stands, skins, controllers, cases and covers. However, there are a couple pieces that should get special attention. There is a converter that will allow a gigabit hookup to be used with the Switch. This LAN Adapter would allow for a wired hookup to connect online. The writer of the article on TweakTown believes this will mean that the Switch tablet will have 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi support, making up for this lack of integrated hardwired internet.

There is also a fight stick setup, which would mean a popular fighting game could be on the horizon. Also, it is speculated that the controller has a dedicated record button on it. While this is becoming common practice, I personally believe these buttons are just start/select buttons, since the tablet itself would not have these buttons. It doesn’t make sense to not include this feature on the main buying point of the console. But I digress. Down below you will see all of these leaks. See any that pique your interest? Let us know!

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