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Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Confirmed by NY Store

Just How Limited Are We Talking?!

Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

This is the calm before the storm. Millions of people have been waiting for any news at all about the latest Nintendo console, one that seeks to blend together the best of handheld and console gaming. Come Thursday for their live press event, Nintendo will be revealing everything we need to know about the Nintendo Switch. We assume this means a suggested retail price, specifications about the device, and a slew of launch window games. What this means for us used to Nintendo’s seemingly dimwitted approach to US retailers is that pre-orders will likely become available Friday morning. According to a NY Nintendo Store, there will be a limited amount of Nintendo Switch pre-orders available that morning.

This news comes directly from the store’s Twitter, which means there is little reason to discredit this news. Now, it’s important to note that this is an official Nintendo Store, so the rules may be slightly different when it comes to typical retailers like Gamestop, Target, and Walmart. Usually, stores like Gamestop let customers put down around $50 USD to reserve a unit, being able to pay it off over time.

This is a crucial week for Nintendo and the coming months will show glimpses of what we can expect in Nintendo’s future. Most of us are hoping that the marketing will take into consideration the widespread excitement for this console. If we see an extreme lack of pre-orders or even something similar to the Mini NES’ situation (I still haven’t seen one) than this will severely wound the Nintendo Switch as a viable console when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. All eyes are on this press event as we move forward.

Personally, I’ve been planning on spending my Friday morning following the press event at Gamestop for a few months now. This is one of the few consoles I want to get my hands on the moment its available for purchase. The recent price leaks of about $250 USD is an enticing price and the prospects of covering games on the console is exciting. I also still cling to the hopes of the Switch being able to play 3DS games, even though Nintendo denied this after its announcement trailer.

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