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Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

Switch Release date

At the Nintendo Switch Live Event, we¬†finally got what we really wanted to see. Nintendo has finally announced that we are getting this soon, like 2 months from now soon! Yes, the Nintendo Switch will be available in North America on March 3rd. March is always a good time to look forward to in the gaming industry. We’re always getting new releases, so now we have a whole new console to look forward to.

I really hope this is a new trend in the gaming industry. We’re always getting news about upcoming games and consoles, and our expectations make us think we will have to wait years to have it in our hands. Well now the new trend is announce something new, and give it to us right away! Let’s hope this continues after E3 this year. The real question is, with this new console only a couple months away, what games will we have at launch? We’ll be keeping you guys up to date as soon as we more news!

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