Perception from The Deep End Games is Now Coming to PS4

Perception from The Deep End Games is Now Coming to PS4

Independent developer, The Deep End Games, has announced a new partnership with publisher Feardemic to bring their psychological horror game Perception to PlayStation 4. Feardemic is a new publishing label created by developer Bloober Team, who are known most notably for their 2016 horror title, Layers of Fear. The Deep End Games was made up of a team of veteran developers who have worked on critically acclaimed horror titles such as BioShock and Dead Space. The release dates for both the PC and PS4 version are still up in the air, but are speculated to still release in 2017.

Backed by a Kickstarter campaign, Perception offers a very original take on the survival horror genre. You play as Cassie, a young blind woman who relies on her hearing to find her way and discover answers to the mysterious forces after her. The unique mechanic of echolocation is how players will traverse the game, where every sound gives players some sort of visual, similar to a character like Daredevil’s radar sense. What makes this mechanic so intriguing is due to the fact that in a survival horror game, you try your hardest to stay as quiet as possible, but yet in Perception, sound is the only way to find your way through the haunted estate. Make sure you bring out your Turtle Beach gaming headphones for this!

A new narrative horror adventure where you play a young blind woman. From developers of BioShock and Dead Space.

The original Kickstarter goal for Perception was $150,000, and as of today, the community has pledged over $168,000, giving Feardemic plenty to work with while working on the publishing and operations of the game. This also lets Deep End Games focus solely the developmental aspect. As stated before, the team consists of developers who worked BioShock and Dead Space, so suffice to say, they know how to create atmosphere. For more details on Perception, check out the Kickstarter link below right here:

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