PlatinumGames Speaks Up About Scalebound Cancellation

Hope is nowhere to be (Scale)found

PlatinumGames Speaks Up About Scalebound Cancellation

This past Monday, we reported on the unfortunate cancellation of PlatinumGames’ upcoming title Scalebound. This cancellation has saddened many of us here at Marooners’ Rock, but our writer Alex was questioning if it would be dead-dead, or if another studio will pick up the millions of broken heart shards around the world and attempt to put it back together without Microsoft. Sadly, we have the response.

This morning, President and CEO of PlatinumGames Kenichi Sato released an official statement in regards to the cancellation on the PlatinumGames Official Blog. Unfortunately, it does not have hopeful news. Sato simply says “We are disappointed things ended up this way…” Continuing on, Sato simply says they will strive to deliver high quality games and then listed upcoming titles such as: NieR: Automata, GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link, and LOST ORDER.

From the tone of the official release, it would appear that Scalebound just was not where it needed to be. However, that’s the thing. There is no reasoning as to why the game was being cancelled, from both PlatinumGames and Microsoft. At E3, we were even shown almost an entire level, including combat. Whatever the reason, it is fairly safe to say that Scalebound is not rising from these flames. To read the full statement from PlatinumGames, click here. What do you all think? Are you disappointed like us about the cancellation of a promising game? Also, is it better to have a game that isn’t coming together cancelled, or released as another broken game like a lot of the other titles out there right now? Let us know down below.

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