Preorders Open: Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to Xbox One?

Preorders Open: Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to Xbox One?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake release date might be sooner than you think. Although there is no official word for when the game is set to release, Final Fantasy VII Remake listings are appearing across a number of retailer’s sites and one of them comes with a big surprise. It appears that one of those sites isn’t just listing preorders for the PlayStation 4. It is also listing preorders for the Xbox One.

Ever since Sony’s E3 conference in 2015, it has basically been a certainty in our minds that the Xbox One would be getting a version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This was clearly eluded to during Square Enix’s PS4 trailer for the game, where in the final moments the trailer read “Play It First on PlayStation 4”. This meant that the title would have timed exclusivity but it also implied that other consoles such as the Xbox One would most likely be seeing versions of the game too. Square Enix also seems to have been prepping the Xbox One community over time for additional titles from the Final Fantasy series to be making their way to the Xbox One console as well. This is evident due to titles such as Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV having been released on the platform in the recent years.

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake was not officially announced as coming to the Xbox One, many fans (including myself) have been ecstatic over the initial announcement of the game since back in 2015 and have been patiently waiting for a formal announcement from Square Enix addressing an Xbox One version. Despite not yet receiving a formal announcement, it is almost guaranteed that it will be arriving to the Xbox One because an Xbox One version of the game has been spotted online coming from a reputable retailer and is open and ready for preorder. The game was spotted on the Australian retail site EB Games.

On the EB Games site, both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are up and ready for preorder. Don’t be alarmed by the scary $109.95 price tag though because that listed placeholder price is in Australian Dollars. Once this amount has been converted to American dollars and taxes have been accounted for, the price comes out to be the standard $60, which is what we would expect.

Are you excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake? What are you most looking forward to? Do you think this is a hoax? Let us know in the comments down below!

Lindsey Revis is a Hufflepuff that hails from the northern suburbs of Chicago. She is currently studying business at the Ohio State University and enjoys spending her free time traveling, playing video games, playing board games, writing reviews, and drinking wine.

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