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Redout Announced in Nintendo Switch Line-up

Redout on Switch

American video game publisher, Nicalis, has announced that the physics based racer, Redout, is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring. This new racing title is being built with the Unreal Engine and is promised to be one of the most intense and exciting releasing for the new console. The anti-gravity style of this franchise will look absolutely exhilarating whether you play it on the go and back home. The idea of being able to play this with my friends wherever we are is groundbreaking.

Whether or not you’re a fan of 90s style racing games, there’s no doubt that the utilization of this new console will be a game changer. With the Joy Con analog stick that we were just given more detail of, it seems there no shortage of innovation with this new title. Being in development for two years by 34BigThings, this looks to be yet another reason to consider buying this new and innovating console. Let’s hope to see more games announced in the next six weeks, because yeah, we’re getting the Nintendo Switch in about 6 weeks!


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